Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Releases!

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have been super busy looking for a house for me and my hubby.
Here's what I'm loving that's new out!

Mac's Pret-a-Papier - A huge release with over 20 pieces! My favorites Fold and Tuck l/g and Coral Crepe Paint Pot.

Buxom Travel In Style - I love these lip products! The lipstick lasts at least 5 hours when layered with the matching lipgloss.

Lancome Tropiques Minerale Bamboo Bronzer - At $45 for over 1 oz, this CD size bronzer is the bargain of the summer collections! It is also absolutely beautiful! Too bad it's only an overspray :(

Chantecaille Les Passementeries Trio - As always, Chantecaille makes beautiful palettes and this eye and blush trio is no exception. If it wasn't for the steep price tag - $82 - I would definitely be adding this to my collection.

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